2017 is coming to an end

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2017 is coming to an end

Dear Shiatsu Friends,

The days are getting shorter and we moving towards winter solstice. The shortest day is December 21st and also marks the official beginning of winter. The tilt of the Earth’s axis is least aligned with the sun, giving us the least amount of daylight of the year.
It is Christmas in two and a half weeks. We are already in the joyful season. I’ll be spending Christmas and the New Year in London and will be available for Shiatsu sessions.
We had already some cold spells and this weekend the temperatures are supposed to drop. So keep warm and protect yourself from the environment. I find it helpful to check the weather broadcast, so I have a clue what to expect, and dress accordingly.
It is most important to keep your feet warm because of cold invasion from the soles of your feet. Avoid exposure to wind and drafts. Wear a hat and gloves. I survived six bitterly cold and sunny winters in Canada, Montréal and learned how to embrace – 20 ° degree Celsius.

Take care of yourself so you can enjoy the festive season and the winter.

Regular Shiatsu treatments may help to boost your immune system and keeping well.

If your immune system is working well:

-You throw off flu viruses and infections easily
-You aren’t constantly itching or sneezing
-You feel well and strong

Looking after your immune system pays off. I believe enough good quality sleep is one of the key ingredients. A healthy diet consisting of fresh cooked grains, vegetables, fruit, 10% protein and 5% good fats is essential. Our bodies are designed to move which means we need to be active.
Simple actions like washing your hands regularly can make a difference. Stress can be a big factor. Last but not least, breathing deeply and not neglecting the exhale.

Enjoy this festive season and I look forward to see you again.
I wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Thriving New Year.

If you are looking for a special gift I can provide you a gift voucher for a Shiatsu session.

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Yours in Health,

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Repetitive Strain Injury

Shiatsu News

Repetitive Strain Injury

Dear Shiatsu Friends!

I hope this message finds you in good health and you are enjoying the lovely autumn colours we have in the gardens and parks. Today, I’d like to write about RSI which is what I am seeing on a regular basis in my Shiatsu clinic.

What is RSI?

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is a group of injuries impacting the muscles, tendons and nerves predominantly of the neck and upper limbs. It is a common category and is also known as Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WRULD).

Two kinds of RSI:-
• Specific Conditions – tenosynovitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, tennis elbow, De Quervain’s Syndrome, etc.
• Diffuse RSI – no precise diagnosis but lots of symptoms occur. Sometimes it is called non-specific pain syndrome.
Typical symptoms of RSI include pain, aches, swelling, cramps, numbness, tingling and weakness. With diffuse RSI there are usually no visible signs.

RSI is triggered by repetition and overuse, static posture and/or awkward positions and inadequate recovery time. Stress usually plays a part.

RSI is preventable and treatable with Shiatsu, moxibustion therapy, cupping and ginger compress. It is most important not to disregard the early warning signs.

If you have any of the symptoms of RSI take action on prevention. Shiatsu is a preventative therapy and can help with all the symptoms of RSI.

Ways to minimise your risk of developing RSI
When using a computer, playing sport or music take regular breaks.
Good posture and if you can’t hold good posture, the body tells you it’s time for a pause. Check your workstation and adjust if necessary.
Exercise regularly.
Use the computer only as much as you have to.
Avoid gripping the writing utensil tightly. Use minimum efforts as someone should be able to easily pull your pen out of your hand when you are writing.
RSI can happen to everybody. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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With warmest wishes,

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