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We have to talk about pelvic floor health the ultimate taboo? Lately, I noticed more articles in the papers about it. More education is needed. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles, particular the perineum, in the floor of your pelvis. They support the bladder, uterus or prostate and rectum. A weakness in these muscles can give problems to hold the organs in place. A very common issue is urinary incontinence, prolepses, piles and bowel incontinence.

The female pelvic floor is more vulnerable than the male because of the hip shape and anatomy. Simply the fact that human beings walk on two legs put more pressure on the pelvic floor of all sexes.

Contributing factors:

Aging, 20-40% of muscle mass loss

Bad posture

Heavy lifting


Pregnancy, childbirth, long labour

Chronic sneezing, coughing

Straining on the toilet, constipation

Weight training – haemorrhoids

Pelvic surgery: hysterectomy or prostate removal

The good new is we can do something. The pelvic floor muscles are like all other muscles, you can strengthen them with exercise, reverse the problems and have better quality of life.

Some disciplines address pelvic muscle health e.g. Yoga, Pilates and physio therapy. Often it is taught in sitting or standing position. I strongly disagree with that because, as I said already, walking puts already strain on our pelvic floor. Pelvic floor exercise should only be practise lying down.

From a Shiatsu point of view the spleen has the energetic role to hold organs in place. If the spleen is weak organs can collapse e.g. slipped discs, prolepses. It is a very common condition in western societies. I can help with regular Shiatsu treatments and specific exercises.

Prevention is the key. Ideally it would be best to start strengthening the pelvic floor before it weakens. So if you plan a pregnancy work on your pelvic floor, great preparation to give birth.  

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