Diet & Nutrition

We are moving towards the end of February and can see some light inside lockdown channel, hurrah! The weather is improving, spring is in the air and Zephyrus is playing a tune!

I am continuing to give Shiatsu treatment at Violet Hill Studios for the community in the safest way possible.

Those of you how follow me on FB might have noticed that I am a foodie. I love cooking, food shopping, trying out new recipes and of course eating with a trained eye on the properties and healing power of food. I subscribe to Hippocrates (400 BC), “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. It emphasizes the importance of nutrition to prevent or cure disease. I believe our diet plays a huge part in the root of disease.

The good news is: ‘you can change your diet’ and the way we eat, but this is easier said than done. Our food habits are rooted in our childhood. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, food represents the Earth Element. In order to change the earth we often need an earthquake, pretty heavy stuff. And Shiatsu treatments are fantastic in supporting the digestive system and combined with dietary advice, they are dynamite.


Some Advice for Healthy Eating


I believe in the 80/20 rule. A little bit of bad can be good for you. There is nothing wrong with an occasional fry up or pizza, etc., as long as they are supported by a healthy diet most of the time. Here are some tips that if followed will serve you well and are not too difficult to follow…in no particular order.

If it is man made avoid it. Butter is always better than margarine, sugar is better than Aspartame.

Avoid wheat where possible. It is everywhere, even if you try to avoid it, you’ll still end up eating it.

Most bread is rubbish. If you are going to eat bread, treat it the same way you would wine or chocolate and buy the best stuff you can. If the ingredient list contains any E numbers or a Flour Treatment agent, don’t touch it. It may look like bread but it isn’t. Purchase the small bakery ones, about 3 or 4 quid a loaf and freeze it in order to make it last.

Drink water, choice number one at all times, ideally still. If sparkling, make sure it’s the naturally sparking kind. Aim for one litre per day, two if you are feeling up for it.

Coffee is allowed, once a day, prior to noon. Give yourself a break from it occasionally.

Avoid Soya, fermented soya is fine (miso, tempeh) but most are poor quality and an estrogens mimicker with is fine if you want to have awful PMS.

Eat vegetables, try and make it 60% of your diet. Raw or lightly steamed is best.

Chew your food. Teeth and saliva are the start of the digestion process. Give your food a head start – literally.

Avoid sugar it is evil, the true cause of all chronic illness.

Unsaturated fats are good for you. Sugar kills, fats do not.

Do not drink with your meals. A small amount of water or a glass of wine with dinner is fine.

Take supplements, unfortunately our food, lifestyle and diets are not enough. Always buy good quality supplements, except the fact that you’ll be taking something once a day for life.

Don’t eat “low fat foods”, they usually contain more sugar instead of fats.

Nuts are your friends. Five to ten enough for a serving unsalted/ unroasted of course.

Learn how to make Lentil Dahl. It is easy, fast nutritious and inexpensive.

Never learn to bake. My grandfather was a baker. It is in my blood!

Flax seeds or oil, take one teaspoon per day. It’s good for you.

Don’t eat at your desk. Walk away, breathe then eat and chew.

Try the following: Chia Seeds, Hemp seeds and Flax seeds.

Never ever drink Diet drinks, ever.