Your Immune System

Autumn is almost over. We seen beautiful coloured leaves, lots of rain and temperatures have dropped. Now we have to look after and focus on our immune system more then ever. Shiatsu therapy helps strengthen the immune system and its ability to fight back pathogen. It enables a weak immune system to be strengthened and an overactive one to be calmed.

The immune system works extraordinarily to protect us against illness caused by bacteria, viruses and any other organism known to spread infection. When we are confronted with a new pathogen our body relies on its protective mechanism as the skin, mucus and microbiome to defend these unruly intruders.

The first defence of the body is the skin. Recent research found that skin is not only a barrier against pathogens but a living system, containing many different cells that work together synergistically. Unfortunately, the rate at which these cells renew themselves and thus their potential to fight pathogens reduces with age. Therefore it is important to give our bodies the nutrients needed to keep our barrier complete and well functional.

Over 70% of our immune cells live in the gut, deciding the fate of germs they encounter. The lymphoid tissue in the gut forms most of our gut immune system. Also we have billions of good bacteria that live and work in our gut. They assist to break down our food and keep us regular but they also have a crucial function in protecting us from hostile pathogens we ingest.

The immune system isn’t a single structure, it’s a system. It depends on interconnectivity; it needs balance and harmony. It isn’t perfect; its strength declines with age. Sometimes it can stall; a pathogen will invade and make you unwell.

To keep your immunity in good condition, you need a 360-degree, holistic attitude, focusing on exercise, diet, sleep, emotional wellbeing, rest and restore and much more. Leading a healthy life will protect your biological defences as strong and robust as they can be.

But further in washing your hands and eating right are yet another mandarin. What else can you do to help your immune system? It turns out that there are plenty of munitions in your armoury.

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