Happy 2020, New Decade, New Year…..

In eastern philosophy winter is the Yin time of the year. Certain animals hibernate and plants withdraw to replenish and regenerate their potential during winter, preparing for growth in spring. It is a time for deep rest and healing.

In the past when humans lived closely to nature they followed this natural rhythm. In modern society most of us miss this chance to replenish our inner reserves. The festive season can be demanding and then in January we’re bombarded with messages to make goals, be more and do more ect. It is no surprise that we can feel we’re running on empty, overwhelmed and depressed.

In traditional Chinese medicine winter is associated with Kidney and Bladder organ and the Water element. The Kidneys hold our reserves of energy and potential, a bit like our internal batteries and need careful nurturing.

Often Kidney imbalance symptoms show up this time of the year – lower back pain, anxiety and fear, fatigue, joint problems, chest congestion, kidney problems, hormonal and reproductive issues and hearing difficulties.

Pay attention to your body, it knows what it needs and will communicate to you through sensations. Tune in to how you feel! Move your body gently in ways that feel supportive. Stretch, move and twist into the back and spine to nourish and activate stagnant energy in the Kidney and Bladder meridian. Meridian stretches; moving meditation, yoga and Chi Kung are beneficial for this.

Dress up warm and go for walks in nature and take in the rays of natural daylight. Select what feels good for your body and soul.

Avoid rushing, get rest, go to bed earlier and get more sleep whenever possible.

The anatomical location of the kidneys is in your lower back, just below the back ribs on the right and left side. Rubbing this area to generate warmth moves stagnant blood and energy. Traditionally kidney warmer was worn to protect the organs. Wearing a vest is great and does the job. Hot water bottle can help to keep the kidneys warm. Ginger Compress is a traditional remedy to harness the warming, energising nature of ginger and nourish the Kidneys.

Eat more warming stews and soups. Use Kidney nourishing root vegetables like carrots, butternut squash, parsnips and sweet potato. Add in some ginger and seaweed for an extra boost. Use dark vegetables and pulses like kidney beans. Nuts, seeds and sea food is also beneficial. Drink warm fluids such as herbal teas and ginger tea.

Sugar in foods and drinks, caffeine and alcohol deplete our vital energy and give rise to fatigue, unstable emotions and weakens our immune system.

It is a good time of the year to receive shiatsu to strengthen and balance your energy. If you experiencing symptoms or need support to see you through the winter as a preventative measure.