Taking care of yourself?

Most of you already know that if you take care of your body – like you would with your car – the healthier you will feel physically and emotionally. So here are some easy key points to help your motor run more smoothly.

Of course, no bias, regular Shiatsu treatment for balance, reduction of stress and relaxation to ensure you continue in good health. After a period of time, as your car requires a regular MOT, you should do the same for your body. See your GP and dentist for a regular health check. Even if you do not have any issues or pain it is best to be preventive and not wait until problems arrive. Take care of your health.

Eat a well balanced nourishing diet. Just as fuel matters for your car, so does the food you put into your body. It is important to eat a good, quality variety of fruit and vegetables and healthy fats, which you can find in nuts, seeds and oils such as flaxseed and virgin coconut oil.

Get moving: Cars that aren’t driven regularly have an increased chance of breaking down. Also, if your body stays sedentary for long periods, it can lose its function and can become creaky, tied up and slow like an unused engine. Make sure you spin the wheels for at least 30-60 minutes a day. Be motivated by the big city – there’s no lack of choices with people walking, running or cycling, use an exercise app and lots of exercise studios on every high street!

Change your car: I am not suggesting changing your body, although it would be a great thought! What I am saying is change your mindset. Change can be simple and occur in many forms: those I’ve suggested already, introduce a supplement to your diet, start a new exercise or sport, listening to inspiring music, or even just take ten minutes out of your day to be still and meditate. 

Don’t start to do everything at once, start small, step by step and over time those small ‘tune-ups’ became your normal, everyday life. Make a small change today that’ll kick-start your machine for the journey to come!