Digestive Balance

Shiatsu is great in helping digestive issues. You can also help and support your digestive system, by eating slowly. A diet rich in fibre, grains, fresh fruit and vegetables can be helpful. It is important to chew your food well so it is in a liquid form before it enters your stomach. Digestion begins in the mouth. As a suggestion, try to drink between meals rather than with your food. Our digestive system works best in the first half of the day and gets more sluggish in the second part.
The Stomach and Spleen energy channels are associated with the function of ingestion and digestion of food and information for mental, emotional and physical nourishment. In traditional Shiatsu as in traditional Chinese medicine, the Stomach corresponds to the entire digestive tract and is a vital organ for the production of Ki energy in the body.
Shiatsu treatment is ideal for treating symptoms such as indigestion, a bloated stomach and abdominal cramps or pain due to stress.

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