Why should I have Shiatsu?

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This is one of the frequently asked questions I receive. I have been practising Shiatsu for 16 years and I have observed the impact and change in a person over time.

Shiatsu is a form of massage/bodywork, applied through the clothes and incorporates simple release points, stretching techniques and holding positions. Its essence is simple and effective and oftentimes promotes self-realisation and wellness. Shiatsu gives an awareness of body posture, breathing and exercise. Shiatsu moves the body’s vital and necessary energy (known as Qi or Ki) and is relaxing, yet remarkable in its results. The body starts to re-adjust itself and healing occurs. The receiver in Shiatsu is assisted by me to become more sensitive to one’s own body and mind as a complete whole, on both conscious and subconscious levels. One notices areas of tension or fragility on a physical or emotional basis and through this process ease and release takes place.

In Shiatsu we focus on the whole person, rather than conditions. Most people, healthy or ill, and of all ages from babies to the elderly can benefit from it. Shiatsu helps to enhance health and zest and clients use it as a preventative health care programme, self care or part of stress management. Further, Shiatsu is brilliant if you are feeling unwell without a known medical condition. Nevertheless, if you do have an illness or injury which you may or may not need orthodox medical treatment, Shiatsu can still support you. It may well be relaxation or stress reduction, or creating a space where you are being listened to.
People come to Shiatsu for all kinds of reasons. Some come with specific conditions varying from the acute to chronic from physical to the more emotional. They might present structural problems such as stiff necks, bad backs or poor posture, as well as menstrual problems, digestive difficulties, headaches and migraines or psychological issues such as stress and depression. Often I see people during major changes in their lives, such as, loss of someone, a move, divorce, trauma, puberty, infertility, pregnancy and menopause.
Shiatsu is complementary health care and seen as an addition to western medicine. Shiatsu works with the energy of the body: so there are limitations. This is also the reason why it is “safe”.

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