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Dear Shiatsu Friends,

I hope you are in good health and enjoying snowy and sunny days we are experiencing.

With the pace of our modern life, stress and stress related conditions seem to be markedly increasing. Stress in the work environment give rise to more sick days off work than the common cold. The BBC Healthwatch programme identified that 80% of all GP’s appointments are stress related.
Stress arises when demands on an individual surpasses one’s potential to manage and feel in control. An inordinate amount of negative pressure exerted on a particular person could lead to breaking point and an inability to cope overall.

Stress for one human being at a particular time may not be stress for another human being at the same time. Equally, at a different moment in time it may not be stressful to the first person. Stress is often caused from a perception of a situation, rather than the situation itself. It is better to resolve stress when it arises than left until it becomes chronic.

Almost all stresses in contemporary life causing fear and ‘fight or flight’ response are not set free by physical means as they should be, instead there is a propensity to build up tension in body and mind. Most people have no strong family or community support as in the past, so have no one to lean on and may feel lonely.
The accumulation of stress and tension within oneself creates ‘overload’ and at this moment stress begins to diminish health. The chemical and hormonal alternations which can affect every organ when the body and mind are stressed have not adapted with modern civilisation and the system designed to protect us from external danger is now a contributory factor in cancer, heart disease, mental illness and many degenerative diseases.
The stress may be external – from the environment, adapting to constant change, information overload or work and family pressures from others which are accepted.

Or the tension may be internally generated through not releasing feelings appropriately, inactive lifestyle, self-inflicted expectations or any mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual struggle.
Stress can influence heart rate, breathing, muscle function, hormonal balance, memory, the immune system, acid production in the stomach and many other bodily functions. In addition, it can cause anxiety and depression or panic attacks.
The person who needs aid is invariably ‘stuck’, whatever the reason for stress overload and unfit to move forward without some structure for help and intervention.
Rest and a break are required.

Shiatsu gives supportive, positive touch, necessary for healthy human development and especially helpful in stress related conditions.
Shiatsu offers a clear process for working with and managing change. It looks at the person holistically and their interaction with nature, taking into consideration both internal and external influences.
Shiatsu treatments can advance people from a stuck position. Breathing exercises assist in letting go of physical and emotional stresses and tension, stretching and gentle holding techniques help muscles relax, heart rate reduces, anxiety diminishes and the mood gets a lift.
Shiatsu helps looking at stressful situations from a different angle and guiding the individual towards attitudinal or lifestyle changes. Stressors are not going to disappear, so help is provided in focusing on what can truly be changed.
Shiatsu is very helpful where there is a deep emotional cause for stress as the relevant meridian can be worked on.
Shiatsu can be particularly beneficial in depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. It provides a safe place to be listened to, a sense of connectedness and the chance for peace and quiet. Shiatsu gives physical touch without invasion, building a trusting relationship and acceptance of where the client is at that moment. Shiatsu can provide a different view on illness which the client can make sense of and nourishes physical calming and relaxation of the nervous system without any side effects.
Shiatsu treatments offer clarity of thought and creativity aiding in decision making, especially important in times of stress or adjustment.

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