Baby Shiatsu

What is Baby Shiatsu?

Baby Shiatsu is a specific form of shiatsu which looks into the development of the baby from both an Eastern and Western point of view.

I use specialist manual techniques to help your child develop a calm and relaxed demeanour.

Babies feel intuitively what scientists have needed to establish in painstaking research: appropriate touch is essential for them. In the months following birth, babies for a variety of reasons can be unsettled and fluctuate emotionally quite readily. It is my job with my Baby Shiatsu training to find that inner serenity for your baby. With Baby Shiatsu, I can support your child's development. The infant is treated with gentle pressure along the energy channels, so called meridians, clothed in their comfortable light clothing.

Further, I offer Baby Shiatsu classes where I teach parents easy to learn techniques.

Baby Shiatsu can help: